1. Djorn und Matyas
    England, UK
  2. Clem Darling and the Astronauts
    Los Angeles, California
  3. Battered Suitcases
    Phoenix, Arizona
  4. Les Pantalons
    Belfast, UK
  5. Bollard
    Melbourne, Australia
  6. J. Temperance
  7. Even Twice
    New York
    New York, New York
  9. Abigail
    Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Steaming Manhole
    Chicago, Illinois
  11. Woodpeckers With Machine Guns
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
  12. Michael Rogel
    Bozeman, montana
  13. Monster Black Centipede
    Portland, Oregon
  14. Agatha, Wolf & Mule
    Colorado Springs, Colorado


Rock Hand Records Colorado Springs, Colorado

Born 2018. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rock Hand Records is committed to supporting emerging and unique musicians and bands from all across the globe. With 8 artists signed to the label, and all releasing new material, the next few years will surely be quite interesting. ... more

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